We have many specialties waiting for you…


We have many specialties

Our menu is varied and includes fish, meat and seafood, in addition to the delicious desserts, some of them exclusive. Meet some of our dishes, especially grilled specialties.

Picanha on a spit or laminated with black beans English roast beef Grilled lamb spare ribs Grilled beef steak “Transmontana” skewer Special steak with prawns Grilled veal cutlets Grilled veal fillet Grilled veal chop Big grilled veal chop Steak sandwich Grilled veal stake
Grilled veal kebab Garnished veal scallops Grilled pork Grilled mixed kebab Grilled pork chop Grilled rib Grilled pork loin Grilled pork tenderloins Garnished pork scallops Barbecued chicken Grilled garlic game sausage with fries and turnip greens
Grilled octopus skewer Grilled sea skewer Grilled codfish roast Codfish stew Codfish baked with white sauce olives and purée
Codfish with “broa” Seafood rice Monkfish rice Monkfish kebab Fresh fish daily
Soy steak
Steak with vegetables
(Exclusive) Desserts
Homemade chocolate mousse Clouds of heaven Milk custard
Mango mousse Biscuit coffee cake