We are in a building that was once the residence of D. Manuel II
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About Us?

The Assador Típico Story

The Assador Típico is in a century-old house located in the center of Oporto where D.Manuel II lived. It was later acquired by the Calém family but only in the mid 80s it was rented the Ground floor to members who make up this company so far.

In April 1984 it was born one of the first steakhouses in Oporto on behalf of Brito, Mendes and Rodrigues, Ltd. with a capacity for 92 people. The restaurant specializes in grilled food – from veal cutlets to grilled octopus, from special steak to grilled codfish.

Since its inauguration, the Assador Típico has grown significantly, becoming one of the largest restaurants in Oporto, with a capacity of 500 seats spread over 6 rooms (one of them it is outdoor), due to the commitment of the team and also the quality of its products and services, both notorious in customer service as the ingredients (especially the national meats and fresh fish). Excellence is the key of this organization.


  • Quality and variety of products and services;
  • Constant search for excellence;
  • Ethics in relationships with customers, suppliers and employees;
  • Personal and professional development (development of the company and all its components);
  • Respect for the environment (recycling paper, plastic, cork, oil, glass and food);
  • Collaboration in solidarity actions.


  • Become the greatest restaurant in the catering sector and achieve leadership in the segment in which it operates;
  • Be recognized by its customers, employees and suppliers used as synonym for ethics and success.


  • Provide pleasant and unique moments to its customers with the best quality/price ratio, in order to ensure customer loyalty and to be seen as a reference in the restaurant sector.
  • Maintain the ethics, success and reference image in the restaurant sector through constant improvement of its products and services.